Certified Rebuilt Appliances!

Our certified appliances come from our repair first philosophy. Appliances are excellent machines that can run many years when properly used and serviced. In today's world people are lead to believe that things are throw away and new is always better. As a full time service company we know this is not true when it comes to appliance replacement. 

For decades now appliances have been built with new energy efficient components, spark ignitions, excellent safety features, environmentally friendly refrigerant and low usage water controls. Today when most appliances are traded out for new the consumer will not benefit at the level they may have in the past. In fact many times as service people we see consumers give up on a great appliance only to replace it with a much less reliable unit. 

Consumers typically want an appliance that is not going to have ongoing issues. They want a unit they can trust. Our certified program is made to return appliances back into the industry in the condition professional service people would expect. A used appliance store may put a hi-limit fuse back in a dryer, clean it and call it good. Our program evaluates the dryer failure and addresses the needs to take it back to peak performance. Only at peak performance do we call it certified. 

Our goal is to provide trustworthy, reliable appliances at a fair price. We offer both the appliance and the local support team to stand behind the product!